CLIN1 Electronic Medical Records

Specialized users require specialized tools. The Medical Records Department has their own set of responsibilities and procedures that benefit from having software written specifically to address these needs.

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HealthCare Software Should Be Robust and Easy to Use
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Laboratory Quality Control Software

January 10, 2014

We have released a new stand alone application for Intervention Tracking. Check It Out Here!



Legal Hold

Placing a "legal hold" on a chart prevents changes to the chart and renders it read-only.

Electronic Flagging

Incomplete Chart Alerts

Color coding chart component review screens tells you which portions of the chart contain documentation and which may need additional information.

Discharge Alerts

Lets Medical Records know that a patient has been discharged and the chart is ready for review. Charts are queued/flagged for Medical Records automatically.

EMR: Not just an EHR User

Written with Medical Records in mind

Sure, you can just define new users in your EHR for your Medical Records personnel, but they're not looking for the same information and they don't necessarily want to see it in the same format. It's awkward trying to review a chart page by page in an EHR and it generates more work for Medical Records personnel.

Concerned about Access and Control of your Charts when everything is electronic?


Chart Review Tools

We have specialized functions, searches and screens specifically written to expedite the "chart review" process. Assign specific charts and review types to designated reviewers. Multi-level security assures users can only perform the designated review types.

Generate Electronic Copies

Generate either PDF or CCD formatted electronic copies of patient charts; full or partial copies. Tracks access and distribution.

Collect Mandatory Information

Define your own Admit/Discharge Questionaires

Patients cannot be admitted or discharged until mandatory information is provided. Collect the information you need from the people most likely to have the answers. Saves tracking down individuals to complete chart entries later and improves overall workflow and documentation.