CLIN1 Emergency Department EHR

Fully integrated with Ambulatory EHR, Inpatient EHR and other CLIN1 Suite components. Review full electronic chart from past visits and admits, medications, allergies, etc.

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Laboratory Quality Control Software

January 10, 2013

We have revamped and improved our stand-alone Laboratory Quality Control system to utilize Microsoft's MS-SQL database engine. This will allow our users to have unlimited ad hoc reporting capabilities by virtue of the built in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services and will improve import and export capabilities of Quality Control Data.



Built In CPOE

Order Labs, Imaging

Orders are communicated real-time to the appropriate departments without leaving the ED-EHR. When they're completed, you'll be able to review them in the patient's record.

On-Call Personnel Record

Who's On Call?

Look it up in the ED-EHR and document date-time that they were called. We can even send a text directly from the system ot their cell or smart phone.

Monitor Multiple Rooms

Status at a glance

Lab orders, imaging orders, assessments completed, etc all show up on the status screen.

Designed with Rural Healthcare in Mind

Past Medical History Available Immediately

Because our Emergency Department EHR resides within the same database as our Inpatient and Ambulatory EHR systems, we can make any portion of the patient's chart and/or medical history immediately available. Think about it; the patient presents (or calls) and you immediately have their allergies, medication profile, past lab results, problem list and surgical history at your finger tips.

Telephone Triage

...allows you to start determining patient acuity before they even arrive. Start Nursing Assessment and Provider Assessment as they arrive and page the Lab and Imaging "on-call" person(s) to let them know they have a customer. Clicking on the Patient Relations functions lets you know who you can call and who you can talk to. If you need it, there's an electronic "code log" that allows you to quickly and efficiently docment measures taken with each item time-stamped; start-time, oxygen settings, bicarbonate, defibrillation, epinephrine administration, etc are all pre-coded and take just a mouse-click.

Our graphic Skin Assessment allows you to note any skin marks, bruises, lacerations, tattoos, etc. Many other assessments available for head injuries, upper extremity, lower extremity, etc. Separate assessments for nursing staff and providers allow for coordination and "comparing notes".

Document Scanning

Bring up a document scanning window and scan driver's license, insurance cards, consent forms, power of attorney directly into the chart. They'll follow the patient to the floor if they're admitted later.

Critical Access and Rural Health

We specialize in small to medium facilities

Does your Charge Nurse cover both ER and Inpatient areas? Our Inpatient EHR and Emergency Department EHR allow both areas to be monitored by one person, regardless of where they happen to be. Ever wish you could be in two places at once? Now you can be.

Canned Assessments or Create Your Own

We'll deliver the system with our standard assessments, but you'll have the tools and training to define your on any time you like; or make adjustements to ours. If you don't have time, we can do it for you!