CLIN1 Laboratory Information System

Whether you accession 10 or 10000 samples per day, CLIN1 LIS can manage your laboratory information accurately and efficiently. We have system configurations for Clinic, Hospital, Veterinary and Reference Laboratory facilities.

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Ready for AUTO12 Labeling?

Need Help with ICD9 to ICD10 Conversion?

Want to implement IQCP?

We're from the Government and we're here to help...Here are some helpful Links:






Laboratory Quality Control Software

January 10, 2014

We have released a new stand alone application for Intervention Tracking. Check It Out Here!



Quality Control

QC is integrated, of course, and allows for electronic review and signoff. Monthly QC reports with Levy-Jennings plots are generated easily. Unlimited controls and analytes can be tracked. As new lot numbers are brought online, old ones can be archived and kept indefinitely. Export QC data for transmission to peer-review software or sites.

Watch for our Online QC Site:

The site will be available for "sign-up" soon. Reserve your spot now and get 25% off your subscription. Use our Contact page and express an interest to qualify.


Whether NIDA, SAMSHA, Gaming Commission, or Pain Clinic, we can provide a solution that will work for you. Batch or one-up sample accessioning protocols. We understand chain-of-custody and other industry requirements. Specialized reports and delivery options to help you meet your customer's needs on time and under budget. Contact Us and let's discuss your requirements.


Unlimited Species/Breeds Ranges

Track owner, ranch, herd, lot, pen/cage, tag and more. Online requisitions and results delivery keep you on task and on time. Research and clinical trials functions to track sponsor, protocol, study along with full sample long term storage functions with freezer, rack, tray, cell locations. Is your state set up to receive "reportable diseases" electronically? We can help automate that process. We have Patient and Client Portals to accept orders via the internet and return results thru several different pathways and protocols. Click Here and let's get a solution configured for you.

Reference Labs

Multiple Report Delivery Options

We can help track your phlebotomist and pickup routes. Automatic texting of pickup and draw instructions for people in the "field". Our Fax Engines can transmit over 10,000 faxes per day. Need online requisitions, labels and result delivery? We have a variety of web portal configurations ot choose from. Push results to client facility in HL7 format or PDF format.

Phlebotomist Route Scheduling and Logistics

Support for multiple locations and sub-labs. Click Here to request more information.

Correctional Facilities

Yes, we know what a ducat is and how and why you might want to create a ducat list. We also understand housing designations and have screens tailored to correctional facilities. Anything else you need? Click Here and let us know what it is.


Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information Management

We've been providing Laboratory Information Systems and Clinical Laboratory Software to our client facilities since 1987. Whether integrated or stand-alone, we have the tools and capabilities you need to provide outstanding service to your customers where, when and how they need it.

Laboratory Software for Every Environment

Whether your laboratory is in a Clinic, Hospital, Reference, Research, Prison or Veterinary facility, we have software tools, systems and configurations that will help make you and your staff more productive and efficient and will help you deliver a better end-product to your clients.

Function Based Technology

Using easy to manage and easy to configure Microsoft Windows technology along with off the shelf components for analyzer interfaces, we help keep your overhead low and your options and through-put high; all without breaking your budget. Industry standard SQL Server technology assures that your information is secure, but accessible where and when it is needed. Designed with a platform that scales based on your business needs.Click Here for more information.

Has your current LIS vendor announced "End-of-Life" for YOUR LIS? We can help!

Unlike the "Big Box" LIS Vendors, we can create custom solutions to fit any scenario; without breaking the bank.

EHR Direct Connect to Laboratory Analyzers

Need to have your analyzer data sent directly to your EHR? Ask us about our Laboratory Analyzer "Middle-Ware" solutions. We can convert your analyzer output to HL7, ASTM or XML and deliver it to your EHR via several different common protocols.


AUTO12 Formatted Labels

CLIN1-LIS supports AUTO12 formatted labels to help you meet CLSI's new Labeling standard. Studies have shown that this labeling methodology can help reduce sample handling errors to improve patient safety.

Molecular Diagnostics

If you are performing Molecular Diagnostics (or plan to in the future), you need an LIS Vendor that speaks your language and can interface with your instrumentation. Our interfaces understand ELISA, Standard Curves, Drug Response Curves and Regression. We can provide those capabilities today as an automated part of the processing.

Here is a good article on the benefits of implementing an LIS with Molecular Testing features.


Pathology and Histology Specific Options

If you've tried managing Histology and Pathology sample processing with your "regular" LIS, you already know that software designed for regular clinical laboratories imposes limitations on sample handling and charge collection. We have created options and features that are specifically designed to address these requirements and can make them available as part of your regular clinical sample handling. Click Here to learn more.


Toxicology Enhancements

We have a long list of functions and capabilities for Toxicology Laboratories. If you're struggling to get a lesser LIS to cope with your Toxicology Samples, we really should talk. Click Here and get more information on Toxicology Specific capabilities.


Best Technical Support Ever!

We provide 24 x 7 technical support with technical staff that understand our products thoroughly and know what laboratory workflow is all about. But don't take our word for it; click here and read our testimonials.


A Variety of Laboratory Software Tools

We also have standalone Laboratory Software applications for Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), Phlebotomist Route and Scheduling, Web Portals and many other solutions for uniquely targeted scenarios.

Billing Report Generation

It doesn't matter how well your operation runs if you can't get paid. We have on-demand billing report generation available to ensure that all charges associated with your completed samples are appropriately tracked and posted to a billing system. Interoperability - use our experience to help simplify your interface to a billing system of your choice.

Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) that's easy to incorporate into EHR and Clinical Information Systems?

Our experience developing Laboratory Management Solutions as well as having developed Certified EHR Systems gives us a decided edge when it comes to interfacing and system integration. We have the tools and experience to make your system deployment successful. From Project Management to System Development to Go-Live Assistance; we will be with you all the way.


Some of our LIS Features

  • We will "meet or beat" any pricing for identical capabilities.
  • Support for Plate Readers, PCR, and other micro-titer plate based analyzers
  • Willingness and ability to provide custom or highly tailored solutions.
  • Need a "Proof of Concept"? We can do that.
  • LPL (Laboratory Provider Links)
  • Low Cost of Entry; 3yr/5yr Lease/Purchase
  • Value Based System - Pre-to-Post Analytes
  • Scalable with Huge Through-put Capacity
  • Document Scanning for Gels, Graphs, Consent Forms, Chain of Custody, etc.
  • Tools and Provisions for Molecular Diagnostics
  • Medical Necessity and Waiver generation
  • Easy to use; Easy to configure
  • Turn-Key Configurations
  • Intuitive functional screens
  • Sample Status at a glance with color shaded status
  • Print to any network printer
  • Multi-level security
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Rules Based Flagging, Reflexing and Routing
  • Interfaces with all modern analyzers
  • Easy manual entry for non-interfaced results
  • Create Custom Profiles or Bundles
  • Delta Checking
  • Many report formats available for billing logs, worksheets and reports
  • Generate patient cumulative reports or create your own with our "flowsheet" option
  • Print final reports automatically and interim reports on-demand.
  • Batch print patient reports by sample, department, facility, physician or patient category.
  • Print single patient reports at your convenience or automatically when the sample is finaled.
  • Add canned comments to any sample.
  • Flag for TNP (Test Not Performed).
  • Specimen requirements built-in.
  • Track tubes for each sample.
  • Add orderable tests/panels to any sample on the fly.
  • Remote result query and printing (for Intranet and Internet based)
  • Checkin/Track scheduled orders.
  • Add unlimited number of departments and procedures.
  • Graphical Patient/Analyte Trend plotting.
  • Provisions for Correctional Facilities (DUCAT Lists, Housing, etc)
  • Analyte Mean/SD Calculation for YOUR patient population.
  • Extended Demographics for tracking additional patient information.
  • Export capability allows for utilization of 3rd party utilities.
  • Manual Diff Counter built in for using your computer keyboard.
  • QA/QC and Lab Management functions built in.
  • Document corrective action for inspections.
  • Check QC Data before releasing patient results.
  • Barcode label generation standard.
  • Automate Order Entry with Web Portal functions.
  • Generate reports on demand to track billable items.
  • HL7, ASTM and other Interfaces.
  • Veterinary Capabilities Built In (Species Ranges, Owner, Breed, etc)
  • Multi-Site/Multi-Facility/Satellite Lab capabilities built in.
  • Automatic Review/Release.
  • Supply/Reagent Utilization Reports for Inventory Management.
  • Support for PCR and other Molecular Diagnostics analyzers.
  • Batch Load-List generation for 96, 384 and 1596 well plates.
  • We can provide HL7 and other interfaces to country, state and other recipients of "reportable diseases", etc.

Lab Management Software

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