CLIN1 Patient Outreach/Patient Portal

In addition to giving you visibility and presence on "the web", incorporating Patient Outreach into your capabilities can provide additional marketing pathways, patient education opportunities, provide more flexible services to your patients, and decrease your data entry burden.

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January 10, 2014

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Patient Benefits

...fewer phone calls

What if you could provide lab results, imaging results, etc to your patients safely and securely, without having to place (or answer) a phone call? They just log into the patient portal, where they can see whether their lab results are available yet or not.

Data Entry Benefits

...demographics without data entry

What if your patients could enter their own demographics, insurance, allergies and medications? You can then just verify it with them when they check in and forget the data entry.

Patient Follow-up

...patient specific reminders

Post a patient specific reminder for all patients on warfarin that have not had a Protime in the past 30 days (or any similar scenario). Improves monitoring compliance and helps satisfy Meaningful Use Quality Calculations as well.

Empowers Your Patients

...and leverages your personnel

How many times a day are you or your staff interrupted to answer questions like:

  • Are my lab results ready yet?
  • Does Dr. Smith have any time available for an appointment this afternoon?
  • Are you currently taking new patients?
  • Could you verify my medications and associated dose schedules?

Will a Patient Portal get rid of all those phone calls? Absolutely not. But as more and more people "get connected", more and more will utilize that pathway if it is available to them.

How many phone calls do you get per day? If you can get rid of just four 15 minute calls per day, you can:

  • See four more patients.
  • Get 12.5% more benefit out of each staff member affected.
  • Eat lunch without a phone stuck to your ear.
  • Have your staff be less frazzled at the end of the day.

The point is, there are real quantifiable benefits and we can help you quantify them and demonstrate YOUR ROI for YOUR Facility.

Your patient portal can be configured to provide the services you choose to provide and tailored to work with your facility to provide you with maximum benefit.


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