CLIN1 Pharmacy Information System

Flexible, robust and easy to use Pharmacy Information Systems for Inpatient and Rehab Facilities. Including detailed formulary management, interactions, medication orders, electronic MAR and intervention tracking.

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HealthCare Software Should Be Robust and Easy to Use
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Want to implement IQCP?

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Laboratory Quality Control Software

January 10, 2014

We have released a new stand alone application for Intervention Tracking. Check It Out Here!



Patient Education

Medication specific

Medication specific Patient Ed materials as well as dosing information, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, lactation/pregnancy warnings, side-effects and medication illustrations (pill pictures) and identification tools built in.

HL7 Interfaces


Receives Admit/Discharge/Transfer information from registration or financials; Transmits medication dose charges; Transmits orders to Pyxis or Omnicell dispensers; Receives dose administration messages from Pyxis or Omnicell.

Medication Administration Worksheets

For non-automated dispensing

Is your nursing staff tired of manually writing the same medication orders everytime the bed status on a patient changes? We have 9 different eMAR formats to choose from.

Repackaging Tools

Generates barcoded blister pack labels

If you have to repackage unit-dose medications, we can print appropriate labels and Pharmacist Repackage Review Logs.

Scan Original Paper Order

Pharmacist Med Order Review

Integrates with our Scanning and Document Management to allow comparison of original paper order to electronic medication order.

Pharmacy Information System

Patient Barcode Solutions and Medication Barcode Solutions

Our Pharmacy Information System will help you modernize your operations, improve patient safety and medication charge collection without increasing manpower requirements. CLIN1 Pharmacy allows you to do more with the same resources.

Click Here and ask for a free demo.

Electronic Medication Orders and Review

Let us help you with your documentation, whether it be repackaging, medication order review, interactions or pharmacist interventions. Don't put your facility or yourself at risk.

Automatically Generates Medication Schedules and Profiles

Makes life easier on your nursing staff and helps reduce medication errors by automatically generating a complete Medication Profile and Medication Administration Record for all patients.

Pharmacy Intervention Tracking

While Intervention Tracking is built into our Pharmacy Information System, we also offer a Stand-Alone Intervention Tracking application that can be used for Pharmacy, Laboratory, Imaging, Nursing, etc. Click Here to find out more!


Medication Order Management and Medication Error Prevention

Medication orders can be received from your EHR automatically via HL7 Interface or you allow appropriate Clinical Staff to enter Medication Orders directly (Requires Pharmacist Review of all Orders). This decreases your data entry burden, helps prevent Medication Errors and shortens the time between ordering and dispensing of required medications.

Interface with Pyxis and Omnicell Dispensing Devices

We can interface directly to your medication "vending machines" to improve order communications, medication handling and dose/charge tracking.

Accounts Receivable Integration

CLIN1 Pharmacy Information System creates charges and transmits them to your Financials System. It can also be integrated with Materials Management for tracking supplies like IV Sets/Tubing, IV Fluids, etc.

Installation and Training Included

We provide superior installation and training for all client facilities. If you prefer, we will even perform a complete formulary inventory down to the lot number and number of doses.


Medication Profiles and Medication Administration Records

One of the more tedious processes associated with pharmacy operations is management of patient medication profiles and MAR (Medication Administration Record). Our Pharmacy Information System provides you with the tools to make that process faster, easier and more reliable.

Superior Technical Support

Sooner or later everyone has a technical question or a technical problem. Our expert support staff will be there to help you 24x7 when that occurs.

Built In Label Generator

Still using a typewriter in your pharmacy? Our ad hoc label generator will allow you to store frequently used templates; completing and printing them as needed. Now you can use that counter space for something else.

Better Formulary Visibility and Management

With our formulary management functions, you can generate a full formulary valuation report with the click of a button. You'll be able to see which medication lot numbers are expiring in the next 30 days. There are many other reports and new ones are being created regularly to help our clients address needs associated with tracking, management and legislative requirements associated with medications, patient care and profitability.

Medication Order Tracking

Anything that is measured improves

We give you the software tools to measure and monitor your pharmacy operation and performance. Your operation and processes cannot help but get better and more efficient.

Track Pharmacist Interventions

Allows tracking of Pharmacist interventions and deviations from medication orders along with category of deviation and "reasons". Generate monthly, quarterly, yearly intervention summary statistics. Because we use an industry standard SQL Database Server, the number and types of reports we can generate are endless.

Easier Patient Medication Profiles and Medication Administration Record

Once the patient's medication orders are entered, you can generate Medication Administration Records that are pre-filled with the Medication Name, Dosing, Frequency and Comments. Choose from 9 different formats. The worksheets have spaces for initials of the "administering" staff. Even better, if they have our Inpatient EHR component, they can mark medication administrations in real-time (and generate Pharmacy Charges (subject to your review) at the same time.

Pharmacist Interventions

Our Pharmacist Intervention Tracking allows you to document your department's cost saving efforts and provide statistics on order changes, drug substitutions as well.

Making Nursing Documentation Easier

Let's face it. Part of Meaningful Use is about the Federal Government telling you it doesn't think you have enough to do. It means lots more time spent documentation. CLIN1 Pharmacy Information System Software can help ease the burden and make sure you're collecting the information you need.
  • Built in document management allows scanning of original order or prescription.
  • Generate Medication Administration Record worksheets on demand (5 built in versions/formats).