Laboratory QC Software

Complete flexible Quality Control System for Laboratories. Can be installed On-Site or Hosted via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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HealthCare Software Should Be Robust and Easy to Use
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Laboratory Quality Control Software

Complete Laboratory Quality Control System

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’s) own data from laboratory inspections show that as many as 5% to 10% of laboratories are deficient in QC practices.1 If you need help managing Quality Control data for your laboratory, you are not alone. We have QC packages to suit any size laboratory. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help.


Unlimited Controls - Unlimited Control Levels - Unlimited Tests/Analytes

Can be configured to operate with our CLIN1-LIS or can be run as a Stand-Alone Quality Control System.


IQCP Ready

When you are ready to implement IQCP (CMMS Individualized Quality Control Program), our QC Package has the tools and capabilities to make that easier. Quality Assurance and Document Scanning capabilities allow for tracking of policies and procedures as well as vendor and other third party documents.

Easily Collect and Review Your QC Data

We allow for an unlimited number of analytes. You can also archive controls when you change lot numbers and keep archived controls (and their associated QC data) indefinitely, leaving your active controls in production with a minimum of effort.

Easily Identifies Westgard Rule Issues - Automatically

  • 12S - One measurement, two standard deviations out from the expected mean
  • 13S - One Measurement, three standard deviations out from the expected mean
  • 22S - Two consecutive measurements out by more than two standard deviations from the expected mean
  • R4S - Two controls differ from each other by more than four standard deviations
  • 41S - Four consecutive control runs on the same side of the mean deviate from the expected mean by more than 1 standard deviation
  • 10X - Ten consecutive control runs fall on the same side of the expected mean

Linearity Functions Included

We are not affiliated with a specific Controls Vendor, so you're free to use any vendor or brand or control material; even your own Controls. No need to worry about your QC Data being held hostage if you switch controls vendors.

Easily Archive Old Controls and Data

If your controls vendor publishes their expected Mean and SD data electronically in a suitable format (download or disk, etc) we can import that information directly into the system without manually having to transfer expected mean and expected standard deviations.

See a Quick OverView on YouTube - CLICK HERE

When integrated with our LIS, your QC Data can come directly from your analyzers into our QC Component. WooHoo! No data entry!

  • Unlimited Controls and Control Levels
  • Track Multiple Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates
  • Tracks/Retains unlimited Lot Numbers for Each Control
  • Archive Results without deleting them from your system
  • No Practical Limits on data retention
  • Unlimited Analytes per Control
  • Generate Month End Reports with Levey-Jennings Plots and Notations
  • Electronic Review and Signoff of QC Results
  • Multiple Analyte Plots Per Page
  • Date Format configurable for US or UK

Screen Shots:

Control ListControls Listing

Analyte ListAnalyte/Metabolite List

Levey Jennings PlotLJ Plot

View Online Demo/Video

Want to experience GREAT Support?

We can upload your software directly to your computer for you and install it remotely. We provide online one-on-one training by individuals familiar with laboratory procedures. Our experienced staff can answer your questions regarding "best practices" or "how to" easily and quickly and can actually "show you" online.

We offer 24 X 7 technical support.



  • Review control data by control or date
  • Levey-Jennings Plots on demand
  • Automatic generation of Month End Summaries
  • Unlimited Controls, Lots, Levels and Analytes
  • Archive and Keep Historical QC Data Available
  • Import Expected Means and Standard Deviations
  • Export Peer Review Data for Submission
  • Runs Stand-Alone or Integrated with CLIN1-LIS
  • Single User and Multi-User Configurations
  • Document QC Actions (new controls, re-ran, etc)
  • Add comments to datapoints
  • Exclude outliers from plots and calculations
  • Westgard Rule Checking and Flagging
  • Turn Individual Westgard Rules On/Off for any control
  • Resides on MS-SQL Database allowing extensive Ad Hoc reporting possibilities

Installation and Training Are Included

Our Laboratory Quality Control Software will allow you to track and manage all of your controls and analytes; unlimited controls and unlimited levels. Do you like to keep your QC Data Forever? CLIN1 QC will allow you to do just that.