CLIN1 Special Offers

We are always being approached with new ideas and suggestions for offerings. Please check back frequently, as the offerings change regularly.

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Educational Discounts

Private or Public Technical Schools, Nursing Schools, Medical Schools, Community Colleges and Universities. If you're not sure, ask!

It has long been our policy to invest in the future by providing substantial discounts to educational facilities for any and all of our components and applications. Please do not hesitate to ask if your facility would qualify. Click Here and Contact us Today!

Bundles and Quanty Discounts

Multiple Sites or Multiple Components and Applications.

If your facility has multiple locations or if you purchase multiple applications or components at the same time, we offer volume and bundle discounts that can come to substantial savings. Be creative! We want to hear your ideas! Click Here to Contact Us Today!

Existing CLIN1 and/or Clinical Software Solutions Clients

You're already half way there...

You realize that all of our existing components use the same database and database server as your existing application, right? That means, your existing server may very well work for your entire EHR Implementation. One less (very large) thing that you don't have to purchase. Click Here to see if your server would need to be upgraded.