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HealthCare Software Should Be Robust and Easy to Use
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Laboratory Quality Control Software

January 10, 2014

We have released a new stand alone application for Intervention Tracking. Check It Out Here!



About Us

We are located in Queen Creek, Arizona; a suburb of Phoenix. You can reach us at 480-888-9447 or 800-570-0474. You may also reach us via email at Solicitors please note: if we need your services, we will contact you. The best way to NOT get our business is to deluge us with spam emails or un-solicited phone calls.

Contractors and Off-Shore Companies, please note: We do NOT utilize outside contractors...EVER...regardless of what country you reside in. We have found that it takes longer for us to describe the correct functionality of HealthCare software than it takes for us to design and write it. Please do not waste our time and yours with solicitations that will just be ignored.

Job Applicants, please note: We recruit all of our employees from the Queen Creek, AZ area, without exception. We do not allow working "remotely", ever. If you like, you MAY submit your resume to IF we have an appropriate opening and IF we are interested, we WILL contact you. If you use our "Information Request" contact page to express your interest in employment opportunities, we view that as "laziness". Guess where those go.

We've Been Around A While:

We began our journey in 1985, developing a Microbiology System for a small community hospital in Washington State. After a successful implementation, we approached one of the (then) larger Healthcare IT vendors about incorporating our application into their LIS offering which did not have Microbiology capabilities. We were told, "We have a whole team of programmers and expect to have a Microbiology component by next year."

Well, the next year rolled around and they STILL didn't have a working Microbiology component, but WE had written the entire rest of the Laboratory Information System. They were "bought out" a few years later and are no longer in business.

It's not the BIG that eat the SMALL; it's the FAST that eat the SLOW.